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2019-11-22 10.53.37.jpg
"2 Norwegian Basic Programming books:

Erik Thoresen - Studieveiledning til lærebok i programmering i BASIC.

Erik Thoresen - Fasit til lærebok i programmering i BASIC."

2020-05-01 20.33.15.jpg
2 pcs AMD Opteron 246 CPU, OSA246FAA5BL, Socket 940 "SledgeHammer" (130 nm)Picture borrowed from elsewhere for reference, as I forgot to shoot a photo.

2019-11-24 22.09.02.jpg
2 pcs Amiga books
1) Introduction to the Amiga 500,
2) Amiga BASIC

2019-11-22 12.58.34.jpg
2 pcs Atari Joysticks without handles

2019-11-22 12.58.55.jpg
2 pcs Atari Paddles

2020-03-06 15.43.01.jpg
2 pcs cartridges from BULL. Type CMM1103 XVA L 1G 03748. Probably font-packs for a printer.

2019-11-24 20.50.20.jpg
2 pcs Commodore Amiga A520 RF-modulators, Serial number: 092809 + unknown # on the second one.

2019-11-24 12.31.51.jpg
2 pcs Commodore VIC20 Paddles, with box.
Commodore part number: 251410

2019-11-22 19.19.57.jpg
2 pcs Competition Pro Joysticks. Black base, red buttons / sticks.

2019-11-30 20.12.05.jpg
2 pcs Cosmic Cruiser, Imagine, Cassette, Spectrum 48K. I have 2 pcs of this one.

2019-11-30 20.09.30.jpg
2 pcs International Karate, Endurance, Cassette, Amstrad CPC. I have a duplicate item on this one.

2020-03-06 15.10.46.jpg
2 pcs of Amiga mice, one original Commodore, Part no: 327124-15

2020-03-06 15.11.02.jpg
2 pcs of Amiga to SCART cable

2020-04-21 16.05.18.jpg
2 pcs of VIA C3 733MHz Socket 370 CPUsCode: A350EJG

2020-03-05 21.35.57.jpg
2 pcs PS1 (PlayStation 1) controllers SCPH-1200

2019-11-22 19.24.55.jpg
2 pcs Spectravideo 381-102 Joysticks
Rebranded Quickshot.
Black base and sticks, red buttons

2019-11-22 22.15.23.jpg
20pcs 5,25" floppy disks, 1,2MB, "NORSK DATA". Never used.
Approx 1990.

2019-11-25 14.48.34.jpg
3com Etherlink II Combo, ISA network adapter

2019-11-25 14.47.46.jpg
3com Etherlink III, 3C-509-COMBO, ISA 10Mbps Network Card

2020-04-21 15.55.10.jpg
3Com EtherLink XL PCI 3C900-TPO.
Serial number: 6KF2755ACE

2019-11-23 17.21.51.jpg
3set of 5,25" Disks for Amiga PC 2088/2286, MS Dos 3.3, GW Basic 3,22, Janus

2019-11-22 22.44.59.jpg
Action Replay MK II for Amiga, Datel Electronics LTD

2019-11-30 21.03.30.jpg
Air-Sea Battle, CX-2602, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-23 00.15.15.jpg
Airwolf, Elite/Encore, Cassette, C64/C128

2019-12-29 10.24.13.jpg
Alex Kidd in the Miracle World, Cartridge, Sega Master System

2019-12-31 11.45.37.jpg
Alien Storm, SEGA/US GOLD, Atari ST

2019-12-08 10.57.08.jpg
Alien Swarm / Arena, K-TEL, Cassette, Spectrum 16K
Double Sider, Twice the fun with two on one.
K-TEL number: 6103

2019-11-30 20.55.03.jpg
Altered Beast, Sega, Cartridge, Sega Mega Drive

2019-11-22 22.03.34.jpg
AMD Athlon Commercial banner, 250x50cm. Riveted holes.
"Tomorrow's Technology Today" approx year 1999

2020-04-21 16.06.55.jpg
AMD Opteron 146 CPU, OSA146CEP5AT, Socket940, 2000MHz

2019-11-22 19.03.07.jpg
Amiga 1000, with 256K upgrade in front, original keyboard. Machine serial: XM4059101NP
Keyboard serial: MT0030191
Ram serial: HB151220
Norwegian sticker characters on parts of the keyboard

2019-11-22 10.51.50.jpg
Amiga 1200, without PSU, unbroken warranty seal
Serial: 8511293365067008007321
Model ID: 530311, Philippines

2019-12-02 22.39.49.jpg
Amiga 2000Serial number: DA4051151MB RAM EXP. REV. 3aPC Emulator A2000 Made in Germany (BSW) Mainboard: (C) 1986 Commodore Amiga 2000 Assy no 380705-01 Rev. 4 FAB. 380712-01 REV. 4Produced: 87-12Original keyboard with Norwegian keycaps.Boots and…

2019-12-30 20.30.02.jpg
Braunschweig version, pretty stripped down. Thanks to Anders Venaas for donation. Battery removed, will currently not boot. Probably a loose chip or something, will try to find some time looking at it later.
Norwegian keyboard.
Serial Number:…

2022-04-22 15.08.24.jpg
Amiga 3000 Desktop / A3000-25/100, serial 005061
(A3000-25 with Motorola 68030 and 68882 @ 25 MHz)
Battery removed 2022, untested.
Shall be overseen before powered up.
220V Version.
HD Removed by previous owner.
Serial number 005061

2022-04-22 15.10.21.jpg
Amiga 3000 Desktop / A3000-25/100, serial 005063
(A3000-25 with Motorola 68030 and 68882 @ 25 MHz)
Battery removed 2022, untested.
Shall be overseen before powered up.
220V Version.
HD Removed by previous owner.

2022-04-22 14.51.47.jpg
Amiga 4000 - 4000/040 DesktopBattery removed 2022, untested.
Shall be overseen before powered.
220V Version
HD Removed by previous owner.
Serial number 534802

2019-11-25 22.16.07.jpg
Amiga 500. Serial number: 103523, West Germany.The ram is taken out for safe battery removal.Bottom lid is unfortunately gone on this one.[Correction, found in a box and completed, see last picture]Update: Battery removed from 512K RAM expansion,…

2020-03-06 15.12.13.jpg
Amiga 512KB Ram Expansion Golden Image . Battery removed.

2019-11-24 20.49.44.jpg
Amiga third-party external 3,5" disk drive, Serial: 218//013494. Unknown vendor.

2019-12-31 10.22.07.jpg
Amstrad CPC464 with GT65 MonitorMachine serial number: 137486 / K31-4XMonitor serial number: 51869 / KT3-53

2019-12-31 10.24.35.jpg
Amstrad CPC6128 with CTM640 MonitorMachine serial number: 160 / K32-55Monitor serial number: 9988 / K42-4X

2019-11-24 13.38.43.jpg
Amstrad CPC6128 with GT65 Monitor. Serial number: 154961 K32-57, Monitor serial number: 50196 K42-54

2019-11-23 12.24.01.jpg
Archipelago, Talent, Cassette, C64

2019-11-23 17.16.00.jpg
Arkanoid, Taito/Imagine, Cassette, C64/C128. The Hit Squad release.

2019-11-24 21.49.37.jpg
Asterix and the magic cauldron, Melbourne House, Cassette, Spectrum 48/128K

2019-11-23 12.16.05.jpg
Asterix, Cartridge for SNES

2019-11-22 13.01.49.jpg
Atari 2600 Gaming Console, CX-2600 P Model no: CX-2600 P Serial: 8022485

2019-11-22 12.59.21.jpg
Atari 2600 Gaming Console Model no: CX-2600 U Serial: 548315409 Original PSU

2019-11-30 21.12.59.jpg
Atari 2600 Junior Console. PAL-B. Serial number: X7084032173
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