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2019-11-04 16.23.48.jpg
Missing battery lid, otherwise fully functioning.

2019-11-04 16.24.54.jpg
Nintendo Game & Watch Pinball

2019-11-22 09.04.24.jpg
Nordic keyboard layout, missing side expansion lid, unbroken warranty seal

2019-11-22 09.30.12.jpg
Frogger 64 - Interceptor Software, cassette - C64

2019-11-22 09.35.18.jpg
Ghost Busters - Activision, cassette - C64

2019-11-22 09.35.46.jpg
Dictator - Dk'tronics, cassette - C64

2019-11-22 09.36.26.jpg
Cosmic Convoy - Taskset, cassette - C64

2019-11-22 09.37.04.jpg
Stix - Supersoft, cassette - C64

2019-11-22 09.37.35.jpg
Editor Assembler - Duckworth, cassette - C64, No manual in box.

2019-11-22 09.38.14.jpg
Visible Solar System - Commodore Software, cartridge - C64

2019-11-22 09.39.27.jpg
Commodore 64 MicroComputer User Manual, english

2019-11-22 10.43.22.jpg
Diskette box with C64 software, mostly non-originals

2019-11-22 10.50.27.jpg
Lot of 7 PSUs for C64, assorted models mostly EU
The black one is US model 120V.

2019-11-22 10.51.50.jpg
Amiga 1200, without PSU, unbroken warranty seal
Serial: 8511293365067008007321
Model ID: 530311, Philippines

2019-11-22 10.52.36.jpg
Commodore PSU for 1541-II/1571-II/1581 Disk drives. Model DV-5128UP, European

2019-11-22 10.53.23.jpg
Lot of 6 Commodore 128 books, English/Norwegian/Danish

2019-11-22 10.53.37.jpg
"2 Norwegian Basic Programming books:

Erik Thoresen - Studieveiledning til lærebok i programmering i BASIC.

Erik Thoresen - Fasit til lærebok i programmering i BASIC."

2019-11-22 10.53.57.jpg
Book: Commodore 64 Grafikk, Charles Platt, Norwegian. Original title: Graphics Guide to the Commodore 64

2019-11-22 10.54.22.jpg
Book: En vennlig introduksjon til din 1541 - Commodore 1541 Diskettstasjon, Norwegian

2019-11-22 10.54.40.jpg
Book: A friendly introduction to your MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer - Commodore, English

2019-11-22 10.54.57.jpg
Commodore 64 MicroComputer User Manual, 1984 revision, English

2019-11-22 11.10.47.jpg
Lot of C64 TV-cables / TV-tuners / Disk cables:
2pcs Antenna Cables
2pcs Commodore Model 1001027-03
3pcs DIN Disk cables
2pcs TV signal switches, one is marked TV 405W-AE

2019-11-22 11.11.53.jpg
Lot of 4 pcs of C64 Datasettes.
3 Original Commodore, 1 Taiwan knock-off
Different revisions:
Commodore Datasette Serial: 479738
Commodore C2N Casette Serial: 1890106
Commodore C2N Casette Serial: 2864257
Datamark Datacorder Model DM-6403C

2019-11-22 12.34.07.jpg
Space Invaders, CX-2632-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.34.16.jpg
Space War, CX-2604-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.34.28.jpg
Pac-Man, RX8022, Cartridge for Atari 7800

2019-11-22 12.34.48.jpg
Miner 2049er, Tigervision, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.10.jpg
Berzerk, Stern, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.24.jpg
Jawbreaker, Tigervision, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.33.jpg
Sky Diver, CX-2629-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.41.jpg
Basketball, CX2624, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.58.jpg
Gauntlet II, Atari Games, cassette for Spectrum 48K, with inlay/booklet

2019-11-22 12.37.09.jpg
Scala Info Channel Designer 5, SW-IDE-5, CD in metal box. This is a PC version, linked to Amiga for historical reasons.

2019-11-22 12.37.51.jpg
Book: Cobol, Lärabok i COBOL, Anna Lysegård, 1975. Fifth edition, printed 1977

2019-11-22 12.38.41.jpg
Genius Mouse, GM-6, complete in box with driver diskette and cables.
Vintage serial mouse in hard plastic box.

2019-11-22 12.41.16.jpg
Sinclair ZX Interface 2 - complete in box

2019-11-22 12.42.45.jpg
Zircon Video Command J3022, replacement joystick for Atari/VIC. Support: Atari Video Game, Atari 400/800, VIC20

2019-11-22 12.49.04.jpg
Sinclair ZX Spectrum with ZX Interface 1, in original interface box.

2019-11-22 12.50.49.jpg
Lot of 3 boxes of 10pcs TDK 5,25" Floppys M2HD, NOS/Unopened, 2 with intact plastic seal

2019-11-22 12.51.03.jpg
Lot of 4 boxes of 10pcs Commodore 5,25" floppy disks, Unopened/NOS

2019-11-22 12.51.52.jpg
Omnicalc, Microsphere, cassette for Spectrum 48K

2019-11-22 12.53.06.jpg
Sinclair ZX Power Supply 9V, 1-4A, UK1400

2019-11-22 12.54.14.jpg
Sinclar ZX MicroDrive in box

2019-11-22 12.55.39.jpg
Lot of 3 booklets Sinclair ZX Spectrum, plus Ad/Norwegian price list from Viking Data.
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Microdrive and Interface1 Manual, first edition, 1983
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Introduction, first edition, 1982
Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC…

2019-11-22 12.57.25.jpg
Atari 7800 Gaming Console
Atari Model no. 7800 PAL B
Serial X218509077
Missing PSU

2019-11-22 12.58.02.jpg
Digilog Superstick II

2019-11-22 12.58.34.jpg
2 pcs Atari Joysticks without handles

2019-11-22 12.58.55.jpg
2 pcs Atari Paddles

2019-11-22 12.59.21.jpg
Atari 2600 Gaming Console Model no: CX-2600 U Serial: 548315409 Original PSU

2019-11-22 13.00.16.jpg
Intel Pentium 3 / Pentium Xeon 3 on backside.
Shopping bag in white fabric.
Sorry about the missing ironing job :)
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