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Iomega ZipDisk 100MB PC NOS, 7pcs
Unoped / NOS

Windows NT 4.0 Server ENG NOS Retail
New / unoped / sealed
0796 Part no 90092

2024-05-03 07.46.30-Photoroom.jpg
Windows NT Workstation Retail Norwegian 236-00210.
Unopened NOS retail box.

2019-06-26 13.13.19.jpg
Toshiba 3200 Portable PC, PA7039E VX
With original bag
T3200 System Unit
Model no PA7039E VX
Serial number: 09818428AA
230V version
Starts and boots OK.

2019-06-26 14.04.50.jpg
Complete set of manuals / diskettes for an IBM 3270 PC.
Box: Control Program User's Guide and Reference
Box: DOS
Box: Basic
Box: Guide to Operations IBM 3270 v1.10
Box: Maintenance Information IBM 3270 v1.10 with Diagnostics dongle

2021-01-21 11.01.12.jpg
Evercom Pentium 90 PC with ADI MicroScan 15inch CRT.
Working unit from Norwegian clone-PC manufacturer Evercom.

2020-05-11 10.34.05.jpg
Fujitsu P1120 micro portable.Funny, small PC, still working, can be run on the original battery aswell pr May 2020.Serial number: R5107779CPU:TM5800 Transmeta Crusoe RAM: 240MB Screen: 1024x768 ATI GraphicsHard drive: PATA 60GB (Upgrade from…

2020-05-10 11.02.54.jpg
Dell Latitude CPx, J750GT,CPU: Intel Mobile Pentium III-750RAM: 128MBHarddrive: 10GBSoundcard: Ess Maestro 3Graphics: ATI M1 8MBSerial number: 83LL10JNorwegian keyboard layout, originally delivered with Win98, but 2K is installed and still works.PA-6…

2020-05-10 12.24.33.jpg
Set of HP UX 10.20 Installation CDs for Series 700, B/C/J Class.
Release June 1998.
4 boxes:
HP-UX Software for Workstations (Install and Core O.S. / Independent Product Release)
HP-UX Applications Release 10.20
HP-UX Recommended Patches…

2020-05-10 10.57.18.jpg
Dell Handheld Axim X51vWindows Mobile 5.0.Serial number: 33HF381.CPU: Intel XScale PXA270 624MHzScreen: 3.7" VGA LCD 16-Bit64MB RAM / 256MB ROMWith some extras like docking, two PSUs, battery, cover, shipping box, CD. Seems to be…

2020-05-10 10.54.11.jpg
PC Weasel 2000 ISA, Real Weasel. Version 1.1. Designed by Middle Digital Incorporated (Herb Peyerl and Jonathan Levine) The PC Weasel is an ISA card that replaces the system video card in servers intended for headless (without monitor and keyboard)…

2020-05-10 10.45.42.jpg
Psion SERIE5mx
Serial number: 1000-118A-EEC7-18A3
Uses 2xAA batteries, and one CR2032 backup battery. Working condition.

2020-05-10 10.44.29.jpg
Compaq SLT/286 Portable PC, model 2680. Intel 286 class 80C286 CPU @ 12MHz.Serial number: 1850HU3H0740.Missing PSU, unable to test. Norwegian keyboard layout.

2020-05-01 20.33.15.jpg
2 pcs AMD Opteron 246 CPU, OSA246FAA5BL, Socket 940 "SledgeHammer" (130 nm)Picture borrowed from elsewhere for reference, as I forgot to shoot a photo.

2020-04-21 16.06.55.jpg
AMD Opteron 146 CPU, OSA146CEP5AT, Socket940, 2000MHz

2020-04-21 16.06.29.jpg
Intel Celeron Processor 433 MHz, 128K Cache, 66 MHz FSB, SL3BAFV524RX433 128 SL3BA

2020-04-21 16.05.18.jpg
2 pcs of VIA C3 733MHz Socket 370 CPUsCode: A350EJG

2020-04-21 16.02.35.jpg
Win-Form Eagle Touch Touchpad Keyboard, in original box

2020-04-21 16.01.18.jpg
IBM Trackpoint IV, boxed / NOS, 01K1260

2020-04-21 16.00.25.jpg
IBM Trackpoint IV
Part no: 01K1220
Serial number: 0057133

2020-04-21 15.59.14.jpg
800-156-3 EiconCard HSI/PC 1MB 1991 Eicon Technology Corporation.

2020-04-21 15.58.25.jpg
TDV5010, serial number: 5005074351. Missing cable and one keycap, some kid redecorated the letters.
OCD kicked in, and I had to rearrange the keys correctly. Just one blind-key missing. :)

2020-04-21 15.57.38.jpg
Norsk Data / Tandberg Data PS/2 Keyboard TDV5000-series

2020-04-21 15.56.22.jpg
Keyboard and mouse for HP Vectra series, PS/2

Keyboard: HP C3757-60409 Serial number: MX03232507

HP Three-button Mouse PS/2: HP C4728-60101 serial number: LZA81702315

2020-04-21 15.55.10.jpg
3Com EtherLink XL PCI 3C900-TPO.
Serial number: 6KF2755ACE

2020-04-21 15.53.20.jpg
IBM 5,25inch Floppy Drive YD-380, 1.2MB. Serial number: 1490-0129. Part no 62X0790, Prod 1986-49.

2020-04-21 15.52.51.jpg
CatWeasel ISA for PC with Linux with driver diskette, floppy controller for using non standard floppy formats on a PC. Indiviual Computers, Germany.
Rev 2b Y2K edition

2020-04-21 15.50.44.jpg
IBM SpaceSaver II RT3200/37L0905 Keyboard with trackpad, PS/2

2020-04-21 15.46.50.jpg
Dell 486P/25, Intel 486SX - 25MHz. Serial number: I4X5Q
Bios A09.
Kingston Turbochip marked fan.
Promise EIDEmax ISA-controller
3com 3C509B-C Network controller
Boots, but noisy fan, and clicking harddisk. Probably needs a new hard…

2020-03-06 16.02.33.jpg
Lot of old driver diskettes, bootdisks, some manuals etc

2020-03-06 15.43.01.jpg
2 pcs cartridges from BULL. Type CMM1103 XVA L 1G 03748. Probably font-packs for a printer.

2020-03-06 15.42.21.jpg
Lot of 10 Verbatim Datalife DDS2 4mm-DL 120M tapes unopened

2020-03-06 15.40.33.jpg
9pcs Hewlett-Packard HP88147J 5.2GB Rewritable Magneto-Optical Media disks. 7 of them unopened in plastic wrapping intact.

2020-03-06 15.39.24.jpg
10pcs Sony EDM-5200B EJ M.O. Disks. 9 of them unopened in plastic wrapping intact.

2020-03-05 20.08.15.jpg
DELL Unix System V/386 V3.2, Box of 5,25" installation diskettes, 56 disk set. 1988. Nice condition.

2019-12-23 12.22.49.jpg
Dell Optiplex GL+590, Intel Pentium 1 - 90Mhz. Service Tag K31P1.
Complete with Dell keyboard, MS Mouse and DELL D1526T-HS CRT Screen serial number 7581346.

2019-11-30 21.17.55.jpg
USR3453C Courier 56K Business Modem with V.92, serial: 4MBSY4AJ0026

2019-11-25 17.07.09.jpg
Toshiba T3200SX Portable Computer. Model PA8045E, Intel 80386SX-16, 1MB RAM, 40MB (80?) Conner Harddrive IDE.Norwegian keyboard layout.Serial number: 09115452E

2019-11-25 14.53.01.jpg
Lasat Unique 640i, Serial external modem, serial number: 4880008871
Made in Denmark.

2019-11-25 22.45.23.jpg
Intel Celeron 1000A, SL5VP, 1.0GHz, 256K Cache, 100MHz FSB, Socket PPGA370. 7221A044-0221

2019-11-25 14.49.54.jpg
Western Digital WD8003EB ISA Network Adapter

2019-11-25 14.48.34.jpg
3com Etherlink II Combo, ISA network adapter

2019-11-25 14.47.46.jpg
3com Etherlink III, 3C-509-COMBO, ISA 10Mbps Network Card

2019-11-22 22.15.23.jpg
20pcs 5,25" floppy disks, 1,2MB, "NORSK DATA". Never used.
Approx 1990.

2019-11-22 22.09.16.jpg
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, 1-2CPU OEM, Sealed
Combi package 3,5" bootdisks and CD-ROM.
Sealed / never opened.

2019-11-22 22.03.34.jpg
AMD Athlon Commercial banner, 250x50cm. Riveted holes.
"Tomorrow's Technology Today" approx year 1999

2019-11-22 18.51.35.jpg
Toshiba 5100 Portable PC, Model no PA8040E V. Intel 386 class. Norwegian keyboard layout.
Starts, but no picture on screen. Have not tested with external display yet.
Serial: 02813942

2019-11-22 18.45.21.jpg
Quickshot CS-123 Joystick PC

2019-11-22 15.50.25.jpg
Booklet with floppys: Internett på 1-2-3, Schibsted Nett.
For MS-Dos 5.0, Win 3.1 / 3.11

2019-11-22 15.46.18.jpg
IBM OS/2 Warp, 35 pcs 3,5" original installation diskettes
What a nightmare to install back in 1994. :)
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