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2020-03-06 15.09.47.jpg
Atari ST - 3 system diskettes plus on mouse: Atari STM1, Serial number: X5055166968

2020-03-05 21.39.36.jpg
Lot of Atari Joysticks / Paddles. 4 paddles Atari CX30, 3 joysticks Atari CX40 in various condition.

2019-12-31 11.45.37.jpg
Alien Storm, SEGA/US GOLD, Atari ST

2019-12-31 11.41.56.jpg
Bug Hunt, Cartridge, Atari XE
Cartridge only

2019-12-31 11.41.35.jpg
Atari Left Cartridge, Atari 800

2019-12-29 10.16.22.jpg
Atari Lynx Developer Console
Modded with external cables, and came along with a Hitachi HS7000EII01H/122 ISA-card for Hitachi E7000 Debugger PC. (Unsure if used with this console)
Original box, serial connector box etc.
Modifications seems pretty…

2019-11-30 21.24.30.jpg
Atari XE Console, serial number: A1074072008Atari XE system keyboard with manual, serial number: A1071220305Atari XE GunAtari XE Joystick, grey Atari XE PSU - PS35Cartridges: Bug Hunt Cartridge: Flight Simulator…

2019-11-30 21.12.59.jpg
Atari 2600 Junior Console. PAL-B. Serial number: X7084032173

2019-11-30 21.03.41.jpg
King Kong, Tigervision, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-30 21.03.30.jpg
Air-Sea Battle, CX-2602, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-30 21.03.30.jpg
Indy 500, CX-2611, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-30 20.58.25.jpg
Casino, CX-2652, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-30 20.57.20.jpg
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lucasfilm, Diskette, Atari ST

2019-11-30 20.54.16.jpg
Combat, 27 Video Games, CX-2601, Cartridge, Atari 2600

2019-11-30 20.10.40.jpg
Video Chess, CX-2645, Cartridge, Atari 2600
With original box.

2019-11-30 20.08.19.jpg
Thundercats, Encore/Edos, Diskette, Atari ST
Handwritten label on diskette.

2019-11-30 20.06.43.jpg
Robocop 2, Ocean, Diskette, Atari STGameplay on youtube by AlextheLioNet:

2019-11-30 19.57.14.jpg
Bowling, CX-2628, Cartridge, Atari 2600 with box

2019-11-30 19.56.05.jpg
Dizzy, Code Masters/EDOS, Diskette, Atari ST
Handwritten label on diskette.

2019-11-30 19.52.07.jpg
Cloud Kingdoms, Millenium, Diskette, Atari ST

2019-11-25 22.13.02.jpg
Atari XE Video Game System (XEGS) with boxAtari XE Console, serial number: A10B4075040Atari XE system keyboard with manual, serial number: A1081227124Atari XE GunAtari XE Joystick, greyAtari XE PSU - PS35Cartridge: Bug HuntCartridge: Flight…

2019-11-25 16.57.25.jpg
One-On-One Basketball, CX7824, Atari 7800 Cartridge. With box.

2019-11-25 16.56.14.jpg
Choplifter!, Atari 7800 Cartridge. Sealed/unopened.
Even though the box is never opened, it is kind of rough shape / pressed together, and not at all mint.

2019-11-25 16.55.43.jpg
Choplifter!, Atari 7800 Cartridge with box/manual. Broderbund Software.

2019-11-24 20.44.31.jpg
Atari SF354 3,5" Disk Drive. Serial number: A15B4010304

2019-11-23 12.12.11.jpg
Lot of 3pcs Atari Joysticks, one is marked EJS-019, two is not marked. Possibly third-party production.

2019-11-22 13.02.47.jpg
Atari commercial vinyl banner, approx. 200x100cm
Thick vinyl, hole rivets, good condition.

2019-11-22 13.01.49.jpg
Atari 2600 Gaming Console, CX-2600 P Model no: CX-2600 P Serial: 8022485

2019-11-22 12.59.21.jpg
Atari 2600 Gaming Console Model no: CX-2600 U Serial: 548315409 Original PSU

2019-11-22 12.58.55.jpg
2 pcs Atari Paddles

2019-11-22 12.58.34.jpg
2 pcs Atari Joysticks without handles

2019-11-22 12.57.25.jpg
Atari 7800 Gaming Console
Atari Model no. 7800 PAL B
Serial X218509077
Missing PSU

2019-11-22 12.42.45.jpg
Zircon Video Command J3022, replacement joystick for Atari/VIC. Support: Atari Video Game, Atari 400/800, VIC20

2019-11-22 12.35.41.jpg
Basketball, CX2624, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.33.jpg
Sky Diver, CX-2629-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.24.jpg
Jawbreaker, Tigervision, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.35.10.jpg
Berzerk, Stern, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.34.48.jpg
Miner 2049er, Tigervision, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.34.28.jpg
Pac-Man, RX8022, Cartridge for Atari 7800

2019-11-22 12.34.16.jpg
Space War, CX-2604-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 12.34.07.jpg
Space Invaders, CX-2632-P, cartridge for Atari 2600

2019-11-22 09.04.24.jpg
Nordic keyboard layout, missing side expansion lid, unbroken warranty seal
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