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2019-12-31 09.15.40.jpg
Spectravideo SV-728. Serial number: BI728012432

2019-11-24 22.25.48.jpg
Spectravideo SV-728. Serial number: BI728009776

2019-11-24 22.23.10.jpg
Spectravideo SV-728, with original PSU. Serial number: BI728009790

2019-11-24 21.41.11.jpg
Spectravideo SV-328 w/ original PSU (16/9V Model 318-201). Norwegian keyboard layout, serial number: BI328050841

2019-11-22 19.41.08.jpg
Spectravideo / Quickshot 318-102 Joystick. Notice the classical ghetto-fix on the stick because of missing screws. :)

2019-11-22 19.39.41.jpg
Spectravideo 318-101 Joystick

2019-11-22 19.24.55.jpg
2 pcs Spectravideo 381-102 Joysticks
Rebranded Quickshot.
Black base and sticks, red buttons

2019-11-22 15.51.17.jpg
Book: SVI-328 MKII, Spectravideo Personal Computer User's Manual, first printing 1984
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