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2020-03-07 10.35.55.jpg
Nintendo 64 serial number: NUP15667501. With SuperMario 64, James Bond Golden Eye, Yoshis Story, MarioKart 64 Japan ed (has earlier belonged to Funcom library)

2019-12-31 11.41.09.jpg
Super Mario Allstars, Cartridge, SNES. SNSP-4M-SCN PAL
Cartridge only.

2019-12-31 09.04.19.jpg
Super Nintendo SNES console with Scope 6.
Model code: SNSP-001A (SCN) PAL
Serial Number: UP15583984

2019-11-30 21.23.03.jpg
Nintendo Worldcup, NES-XZ-SCN, Cartridge, NESCartridge only.

2019-11-30 21.21.35.jpg
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NES-PAL-001, 2 pcs of NESP-003 RF switch. Serial number: PE533325

2019-11-30 21.00.59.jpg
Pinball, Nintendo Game & Watch, 1983. Model PB-59, serial number: 39708985
(I have two of these games)

2019-11-25 22.05.47.jpg
Nintendo 64 (NUS-001) with red controller. Serial number: NUP15088914NUS-002 Powersupply Fun Fact: This unit was earlier property of Funcom (Game developer) back in the days.

2019-11-25 22.04.37.jpg
Nintendo Gamecube DOL-001 (EUR)Serial number:  DE11261304DOL-002 PSU 12V 3,25A

2019-11-25 21.37.59.jpg
Nintendo Zapper gun for NES, Orange 1989 version

2019-11-25 21.37.17.jpg
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Three controllers, NESP-003 RF switch. Serial number: PE4094283

2019-11-25 21.27.28.jpg
FIFA Football, EA Sports, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, AGB-AFJP-UKV

2019-11-23 12.16.05.jpg
Asterix, Cartridge for SNES

2019-11-23 12.14.46.jpg
SNES unit model SNSP-001A(FRG), serial UP16714056, PSU, Handcontroller and RF signal converter cable

2019-11-04 16.24.54.jpg
Nintendo Game & Watch Pinball

2019-11-04 16.23.48.jpg
Missing battery lid, otherwise fully functioning.
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